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Aida Traconis

February 3, 2014

About the recent announcements about projects transpeninsular Train between Yucatan and Quintana Roo and Retail Project Road to the entrance to the Port of Progreso, I hereby make the following comments:
Having a city model and strategic vision is essential for achieving a competitive city and long ranges. Effective tourism attraction of a captive required of companies and institutions premier public and private investments for this activity to promote the economic and social growth of the city.
It is of great importance to understand the territory of the city and surroundings, maintain their identity and be certain that citizens identify with it. Improving the quality of urban environment and the participation of the inhabitants are part of the issues we have to design and urban planners intend a city that is highly competitive.

This leads me to ask: What model of city we want to live?, How to achieve this city model?. Do not forget that the most comprehensive and best interconnected cities are the gateways to the economy and the world.

A well-connected city will facilitate political exchanges, social, economic, cultural, of ideas and knowledge. All this leads me to consider the importance of having a Master Plan which policies and actions arising to implement effective urban planning, incorporating issues of city form, its economic aspects, Disabled, social organization and its image. Schedule will be always less expensive to improvise.

When a city seeks a process of urban renewal and work at it a phenomenon of contagion occurs, collective consciousness, that supports us in achieving our goals, since all those who are part of society we want to collaborate, companies, citizens, Partnerships, etc.

Sticking up for a competitive city where the mixture of residence, production, leisure, trade, public buildings, equipment, public mobility acquire great importance and quality, a city where public spaces are able to structure the urban fabric and do good shape, You favoring the use of technologies aimed at sustainability.
As Maestrante of the Master of Management and Transformation of the City, Landscape and new Tourist Areas of the Metropolitan Center for Sustainable Architecture (CMAS), are the longings for my city, Mérida, and surroundings.
Arq. Aida Manón Traconis Alcocer. www.aidatraconis.com

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