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Aida Traconis

June 1, 2015

Elements of Sustainable Architecture

Today we know that yes you can contribute to improving environmental conditions and the quality of human life through better design and sustainable construction. As architects we can contribute to minimize environmental problems and support the creation of ...

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  1. Okan

    This looks like a great solution. And alactluy your timing is pretty good. We have been been working with the K Group (www.kgroupphilly.com) – a local ‘green’ contractor that does very nice work – to help design and build our kitchen. They are a custom outfit and as far as that level of workmanship goes, the price they gave is very competitive. But due to our ever-tightening budget constraints, we are currently pricing other more “standardized” options. We have not ruled anything out yet and would love to ultimately work with K Group but we’ll have too see. I will contact Remodelista (which is new to me) and see what’s up. Thanks so much for the tip and keep ’em coming!


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