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Enjoy a Roof Garden

Having a Roof Garden at home is to have an area to enjoy and achieve that Zen moment we all need at some point or productive space; in the same way it is also an investment project and environmental contribution, increases the property value to the property, gives us aesthetic. Support function to increase oxygen levels, in some cities provides tax benefits relating to property tax.

In the case of buildings they want to achieve LEED certification must have a Roof Garden. The ideal application for a Roof Garden are: Social Spaces, Family Spaces, Contemplation and Corporate Spaces.

It is also known as Roof Terrace.

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Benefits of a Green Roof

Clean air
UV protection
Temperature decrease
Dust reduction
Energy saving
Minimum maintenance
Considerable economic benefit

Green roof

If every home would have a green roof, be possible to reduce carbon dioxide emissions and reverse global warming.

Save and enjoy your home more

A green roof lowers the temperature between 3 a 4 º C. , saves energy and makes sound isolation easier . Recent studies show that also contributes to higher productivity.

Preserves the planet

A green roof improves air quality, filter noxious gases to health and almost zero maintenance while reducing pollution levels

Your house Unique and Irreplaceable

Improved aesthetics and emotional connection with your home while you increase your equity, also helps you have a healthier life

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