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Aida Traconis

July 16, 2020

Intelligent, enterprising and proudly regal, the architect Aída Traconis is one of our 14 anniversary faces, and welcomes us to get to know her a little more.
A teacher in “Management and Transformation of the City, Landscape and the New Sustainable Tourism Territories” is one of the hallmarks of Aída Traconis, architect graduated from the Faculty of Architecture of the UADY, with the thesis “Three-star hotel in Izamal”.
Year 1998 it was a before and after in his career. After several years working in different architecture firms, decide to start and establish your own brand: Aida Traconis Architects.
In this profession, being decisive and motivated through continuous learning are fundamental characteristics. Therefore and stands at his natural thrust, has managed to keep the firm changing and adapting to the incessant changes in the technological and, especially, urban.
The architect is part of the list of Best Architects 2019 in the area of ​​Residential Architecture throughout the country. In addition, participated in the BOS / MEX BECAUSE OF WATER exhibition with the theme “New Looks at the Sustainable Tourism of the X cambo Mangrove. Exhibition in Boston, Massachusetts.
“It is important to be at the forefront attending courses, exhibitions, conferences, and giving lectures. We must be present and be agents of change in constant movement to grow, innovate and break paradigms”, Aída confides in us during the interview.
Precisely these topics and other current ones are developed in the blog of his page sustainable tourism, elements of sustainable architecture, town planning, the challenges of public space, etc., are some of the themes developed.
Multi-purpose, Aída Traconis has even produced the documentary “Love the YaakunÁakÁlche Mangrove”, in which he describes the characteristics of a mangrove, their foundation and where they are located in the Yucatan peninsula. The objective was to show the importance of its conservation on the Yucatecan coast. With this documentary he participated in the Ecofilm festival 2013. At, was recognized as one of the first 40 works of 880 presented.
The architect always wanted to have her own place in this profession and do what she is most passionate about. Thus, offering high-quality work with an explosion of creativity is the lifeblood of their proposals.
“Developing my own office and working independently to offer clients my creative skills and talents has always been a personal goal.. This has even allowed me to develop and capture my own style, yes, always offering unique solutions to those who trust me”, he comments.
Actually, is dedicated to residential projects, corporate, Health sector, educational, etc., all this on different scales and with different items. He also participates as President and is part of the Civil Association “Environmental Projects, Sustainable and Social of Yucatan” which is a non-profit organization, which performs the following activities: Passionate landscape, sustainable blo-climatic projects and lover of reinvention and continuous learning, He has participated in various Diplomas and Workshops
In addition, is carrying out public works and services carried out by the Federation, Federal Entities or Municipalities. This is done through a prior agreement, focused on the rescue of public spaces in conjunction with the growth of the city.
Aída Traconis Alcocer welcomes us and says goodbye with a smile, the one that always marks his life and his passion for a job well done.

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