Green Skyscrapers .. Possible to urban solution .. and also sustainable ?

Aida Traconis

November 29, 2014

Man seeks to transcend and leave testimony by buildings, remember Chapter II of the book of Genesis in the Bible, mentioning that desire to want to be represented by an immense structure known as the Tower of Babel, with which the man tried to reach heaven.

For Louis Sullivan skyscraper emerged as a new architectural type, with a beauty of its own, removed the horizontal elements and giving vertical emphasis of the building is clearly expressed. Steel appears in the nineteenth century element that makes possible the emergence of so-called Skyscraper. Here's how it emerges Chicago after the great fire that devastated the city, in which one of the major players is the architect designing skyscrapers. Louis Henry Sullivan giving a new image to the city of Chicago and quickly solve buildings, constructs that their structural supports were not wooden beams and structures needed more buildable. …. This is how they begin are iron and glass buildings.

Skyscrapers are also seen as solutions in what concentration of employees grouped in one building, allowing companies greater performance, travel savings, time, shipments (placing us in a time before the Internet appeared), also the public transportation facilitate access to employees and customers, are thought to be more efficient elevators horizontal transport cars and trucks.

As we know the horizontal growth in cities, cause and disadvantages arise as transport infrastructure, the arrival of urban services such as drinking water network, electricity, communications and downs. That's when the term density used in skyscrapers arises, with a focus on more sustainable and effective development from an economic point of view and compatible with a more orderly and harmonious growth for the city.

Vertical Forest en Milán Italy

Vertical Forest en Milán Italy

Skyscrapers represent a significant type of construction that continues to grow worldwide. It is important that in any way at the time of designing a skyscraper that must respond to the quality of its environment, to the urban impact, the environmental, as well as its own functional program ... He had been criticized and today is confirmed as a possible solution for redensification for the recovery of public space and improve transport infrastructure.

At levels of national identity symbolizes prestige skyscraper, economic status, technology development, growth, prosperity, scientific advances, modernity etc..

The skyscraper includes reorganizing city life by combining and harmonizing the various urban functions inside providing adequate quality of life.

For today in cities is very excessive cost of the land surface, see it as a very useful scheme because in a reduced floor space can accommodate large gatherings of people and services. This approach is when we wonder if a favorable decision thinking sustainably, and this approach is more appropriate if nothing would be more appropriate there any regulations for regulation and construction of these buildings to avoid affecting the urban space. Because as we know finding a balance between the vital concentration, urban space, promoting culture and identity of the city, finding a possible vocation city as well as preserving and promoting the urban environment, are indispensable to the enjoyment of a city.

It is said of cities like Hong Kong, New York, China, Dubai, Kuwait, Shanghai who are at the greatest development in the construction of skyscrapers, and they are what I think are driven by market forces and private investment are seen as successful and cities for business and have very different from Europe categories. They are a very good choice for urban densification but they must meet construction standards of public space careful not affecting the cityscape that gives the being in a city, with large urban spaces, public squares etc..

Walking in a city between skyscrapers gives me feelings of awe, and sometimes smallness, isolation, and cities must feel that you belong to the site, that you commune with your city, with the landscape etc. If there should be regulations to achieve harmony, a great proportion, and an urban adequate compensation. Personally if we consider the main actors in the planning of a city, the user of this is a major to consider, I do not deny that seeing the designs of different skyscrapers and the various technologies they use they are wonderful, remember that the perception that we make our cities and their contribution design will we achieve better cities and therefore more creative citizens, and conscious on their way to transcend everyday life.

Green skyscraper in Singapore

Green skyscraper in Singapore




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