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Aida Traconis

May 5, 2015

Ron Finley He could not remain witness to the high mortality rate of the children in the South of the city of Los Angeles in California, due to curable diseases, such as diabetes type 2. An urban desert are the words that Finley used to describe South Los Angeles, where it is only possible to see restaurants of fast food or giant supermarkets in mile radius. This inspired him to start planting vegetables and flowers on the sidewalk of your home to be consumed by it and by its neighbors. Several months after Finley was witness not only harvest healthy organic food for the community, but also given account that your garden became a tool for education and consequently of transformation for your community.

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The idea of community gardens is not new. However, is a subject of sustainability that in Mexico it has not yet had the desired impact. Its central goal is to harvest organic affordable food sustainably. For this you need to have an organizing Committee and groups of volunteers to deal every other day care for and maintain the garden. The costs of this will be minimum per family among most involved has. First you must write a plan where the primary purpose is defined, as well as short and long term goals, who will be the leaders, how and who will make decisions. The plan should also reflect what you want harvest, the necessary tools and finally to calculate a budget.

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The reality is that a number of positive effects have such efforts. There is a positive impact on the community, It provides a sense of autonomy and belonging to a group. This can impact on the decrease of social problems, as crime or drug addiction among young people. In addition, older adults can participate in different ways and exchange their experiences and knowledge with other generations. Urban life is making us forget the importance of our community and what we can do for ourselves. Community gardens are one further step to achieve a more sustainable life and educate future generations about the importance of this. And as said Ron Finley, "If the children harvested broccoli, the kids will eat it". gardens Architecture.

Written by Naizla E. Espinosa Hayashi

Administrator of companies with expertise in Marketing



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