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Aida Traconis

April 24, 2014

Landscape architecture

Reflecting after this so enjoy reading about the "Humanization of the architecture of Alvar Aalto" I have decided to share with like add this approach to your creative process every day as a designer is important and enriches life while the projects commissioned by our customers. The knowledge and wisdom that have applied architects like Alvar Aalto opens you up to a whole world to account in the creative process for design, I mean as a decision elements that accompany human beings give us an optimal result, impeccable, artistic, reflected in the architectural works (...) elements such as the humanistic, Sociological, psychological, natural, physical and the various methods that are worth us to accompany the creative process such as the scientific method, rational, constructive, sentient. Emphasizing this ... If we seek greater perfection in the artwork, and this can not be achieved if not through constant effort arduous practice. (1)

The architecture encompasses all fields of human activity involved in developing and helping to improve their quality of life and to harmonize with its surroundings. That's why so important accompany the creative process all the elements that surround us and which aspects of human help to harmonize the material world with its modus vivendi with the Genius loci (The spirit of place).

Knowledge of different architectural trends and their styles is a process in architectural education where the priority lies in get to have a complex view in the world of architecture and this can give us a different perspective and a better approach planning, having a vision integrated and totalizing itself. It is worthwhile to emphasize that in the creative process already with a complex vision take variety of factors connections between these, and how these factors interact with the environment of the architectural solution in question. This makes us think the talk of Alvar Aalto when it comes to the production of inappropriate shelters for the economic consequences and other problems have been granted to the user of these architectural spaces, they had no decision-elements that accompany the creative process to achieve humanitarian architectural spaces.


House Baker-Mit Boston

Beauty can have as many ways to express themselves as human beings that exist. (2)

To my point of view and there is a universe so perfectly composed of different materials, elements and works perfectly, so we should see our architectural practice, unique and unrepeatable, This leads me to question how.. What do you need this site ?, Who will meet? That must be taken into account to be able to contribute something to their wonderful existence, to their daily lives? My creative contribution would improve his feeling? Does your activity performed? ... Landscape architecture.

When designing, We want to impose a style and design, ignoring the user that we are designing this space, the opportunity that we are given to us is figure me a gift to be able to translate our artistic sense but not forget to take into account priority values and to our user will yield us a better project, how wonderful it is to do our homework and incorporate our sensibility when designing, This would produce architectural spaces with best contributions to our customer. , its economy and certainly our environment.

Considering the functionality, with the rationalisation from the perspective of the human aspect of being ,(concerning the reasoning on the physical senses, psychological etc ) with the aim of achieving a space that connects the essence of that user to transform matter.


House Baker-Mit Boston

Our responsibility as a designer is very important, since our purpose is to create and combine different techniques, use of color, activity performed on the site, relying on the particularities of the site, textures of materials, qualities of light, natural environment, incorporating the elements of nature (sun, water, earth, air), helping us various architectural methods, remember that everything is made by all the various elements . That is why we must support the various streams, and methods without forgetting our approach.

So the user will seek a better stay in their spaces and optimal development in the spiritual realm, emotional, physical, mental etc. All this reminds us of what was said by our Finnish master architect. Alvar Aalto "The architectural solutions should have human motivations based on analysis materializing in buildings."

All this applies from the design of minimal space, to a city planning.

I send you as certain phrase .. "Modern architecture does not mean the use of new materials, but to use the existing materials in a more humane way. "Alvar Aalto. Landscape architecture.

Architect Aida M. Traconis Alcocer

City of Säynätsalo in Finland

City of Säynätsalo in Finland

City of Säynätsalo in Finland

City of Säynätsalo in Finland





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