Elements of Sustainable Architecture

Aida Traconis

May 22, 2014

Study Solar North Facade

Study Solar North Facade

Today we know that yes you can contribute to improving environmental conditions and the quality of human life through better design and sustainable construction. As architects we can contribute to minimizing environmental problems and support the creation of a more sustainable human habitat.

Add to our projects further study, analyzing them from the social views, economic and environmental projects will have as prominent result.

This time I share the importance and usefulness of sustainable architecture, starting with some important aspects to consider, either when starting a design or conversion of a building to sustainable, and the benefits to the client to implement some of these issues.

– Firstly, it is essential to carry out a bioclimatic study Site, This will give us the correct implementation and project guidance, thereby building energy efficiency will be improved.

Since knowing the type of sunlight, adequate ventilation, su rainfall, natural resources are used to benefit the design that will be transmitted to the client.

– Add own renewable energy generation systems:

This facilitates the saving of electric power with the installation of solar panels, Using LED bulbs and appliances tagged with high efficiency energy consumption.

– Installation of solar water heaters, as these take advantage of sunlight and prevents the consumption of LPG.

– Make use of the water rationally:

By RWH, possible wastewater treatment and reuse.

Using water saving taps, watering can, toilet and bidet with timed devices for the rational use of water.

Study Solar South Facade

Study Solar South Facade

Quality of life benefits for the design is harmonic with nature providing a feeling of warmth, peace, freshness and expansion of the spirit. The naturalization of green roofs produces comfort and promotes social interaction, and the use of roofs or terraces to make them productive.

The materials used offer greater comfort and are beneficial to health. It is also important to prioritize the cost of construction and building maintenance throughout its life and not just the initial cost. It would be appropriate to evaluate the energy consumption during its lifetime.

It is most important to reconsider the recycling of buildings and materials, based on our experience in the office has been possible and have seen great contributions in the role of transformation rather than demolition, and which do not pollute the environment with waste, helping to minimize CO2 footprint.

Sticking up today for a sustainable architecture, for better spaces that give a unique quality of life, that encourage productivity and improve as individuals, communing with our environment and respecting the natural environment.

Arq. Aida M. Traconis Alcocer




  1. Juan lopez

    excellent idea PEAR the future of a morning for children for them one day to enjoy
    an excellent environment and to have a nice family harmony….

    • Aida Traconis

      Hi John thanks for your comments, Best regards.


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