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Aida Traconis

February 24, 2016

Sustainable development has become a fashion trend in the trade area, so its image is now a marketing tool, with a strong social impact, rarely applied in a real way in the industrial process.

To define what is sustainable architecture, previously we must take into account the concept of Sustainable Development (development that meets current needs, without creating strong environmental problems and without compromising the demand of future generations).


Charles David Keeling Building, La Jolla, California / KieranTimberlake


Sustainable Architecture, must take into account all the factors involved in the building. From its management, a properly prepared project reduces the budget used to carry it out. It guarantees the highest level of well-being and development of citizens and also enables the highest degree of well-being and development of future generations, and its maximum integration in the life cycles of nature.


Yin Yang House, Venice, California / Brooks + Scarpa

The factors that must be taken into account in the architectural design and management process are the following; the choice of materials, considering the impact that is generated in its extraction (production that does not produce toxic waste and does not consume a lot of energy) compared to the lifetime of the project; and transportation of the same (preferring local materials to generate less co2 production in transport). Construction processes must also be taken into account (construction techniques that involve minimal environmental damage), and preferably local labor. Use technologies and develop new technologies applicable in a particular way in each project, to save and produce energy; and take into account the systems of saving and reuse and filtration of water. The location of the home and its impact on the environment.

– Promote recovery, reuse and recycling of used building materials.
– Favor the prefabrication and industrialization of building components.
– Minimize the waste generated in the construction of the building.
– Integration of alternative energy sources in sustainable architecture.
– It favors the use of solar thermal collectors for sanitary hot water.
– Stimulates the use of biomass, especially waste and sawdust pallets.
– Integrate solar collectors appropriately, in order to reduce their effectiveness.
– It favors the integration and complementation of different energies: solar-electric, solar-biomass.
– It favors the use of solar energy through the building's bioclimatic design corrector,
no need to use mechanical solar collectors.


San Francisco Public Utilities Commission Headquarters (SFPUC), San Francisco / KMD Architects y Stevens & Associates


Edificio Clock Shadow, Milwaukee / Continuum Architects + Planners


Elements of Sustainable Architecture

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