Some indicators to preserve the landscape sustainably

Aida Traconis

October 20, 2014

Last 8 October, I had the opportunity to attend the Fourth Congress of Science and Art of Landscape in Chapala, Jalisco (Mexico), where I presented the work developed in the Master of Identification and Characterization of a Mexican Landscape. Allow me to share the presentation in brief, being submitted in two parts. My commitment is to illustrate and promote the culture and love to landscapes that provide wonderful moments in our lives. It is necessary to take care of them and preserve them to live in harmony with our precious planet Earth.


Cozumel, Quintana Roo



For achieving sustainable development is a priority to protect the environment and landscape. I question: How can we contribute to helping their protection if you do not know? You know how it is formed?

Let's start by defining the term landscape. I selected the following definition as it groups all the elements that are part of this:

The European Landscape Convention defines the landscape follows: "Landscape" means an area,, as it is perceived by people, whose character results from the action of natural and/or human factors and their interrelationships.

To analyze and interpret the landscape is necessary to know the elements that compose it and how they interrelate. To understand it is necessary to establish bonds of dialogue between the viewer and the landscape understanding what the dynamics of the territory to establish a premise. Departure from the importance of Identification and characterization of landscape, and consideration of environmental factors such as climate Site, geology, geomorphology, hydrology, vegetation and wildlife. These in turn are subdivided to form part of the elements and values ​​of the site, forming a unity with his natural essence a sharer to human activity, creating an aesthetic harmony of natural forms that is perceived as a group where synergies are created for preservation, both the site and its ecosystems.

The Identification and characterization It is the first phase of development of the landscape catalog, this implies:

– Study the evolutionary sequence of landscape.

– Inventory comprehensively the landscape values.

– Describe the general landscape dynamics, factors natural and economic partner who have spoken.

– Analysis of the possible evolution, socioeconomic trends, legislation, current planning and sectoral policies.

Identification values.

These values ​​are treated in all its dimensions through a broad classification, considering the wealth, diversity of landscapes and pressing need to identify, leaves a trace of the constancy of the same.



– Aesthetic values.- Capacity of a landscape to convey a sense of beauty.

– Historical values.- Most relevant traces that the human being leaves in the landscape through history.

– Natural and ecological values.- Factors or elements that determine the quality of environmental.

– Social use values.- The mode of use that makes an individual or a collective landscape to perform their itineraries.

– Religious and spiritual values.- Landscape elements and landscapes as a whole that relate to religious practices.

-Identifiers and symbolic values.- Landscape elements with a strong symbolic or identifier for local populations.

This identification sets the territory by granting identity, and this in turn to the collective consciousness fincando communicates the inhabitant identity and establishing a dialogue with the tourist.

"To win an existential foundation, man must be able to orient himself and must know where it is. But also, he must identify with the middle. Namely, must know howsome place "

Christian Norberg- Schuiz.




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