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Mexican born in Monterrey, Nuevo León. Master in "Management and Transformation of the City, the Landscape and the New Sustainable Tourist Territories ”by the Metropolitan Center for Sustainable Architecture (CMAS) in Mexico, D.F.


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  • Yaakun Áak ’Alché

    The Yucatan coast mangroves.
    Natural landscapes in Yucatan.
    site architecture.

Rankeada among the best architects in Mexico MEXICO TOPS


  • He currently heads his office Aida Traconis Architects.

    Graduated from the Faculty of Architecture at the abattoir, obtaining professional title presenting as thesis Three-star Hotel in "Izamal, Yuc. "For several years he worked in various Delivery Architecture, until the year 1998 decided to establish his own office, which bears his name, dedicated to design, development and management of architectural projects in different scales mostly private initiative, of residential, educational, Health sector, corporate and commercial. And interior of these same, Proyectos Integrales culminating. Sustainable Projects, Master plan etc. Continuous learning for new solutions in the architectural practice is part of what characterizes us. "The firm has been changing and adapting to this new technological age and urban challenges. We allow ourselves to be at the forefront, attending courses, exhibitions, conferences and lecturing, being present and being change agents in constant motion to grow, innovate and break paradigms ".

    He has written in his blog on their website topics on sustainable tourism, elements on Sustainable Architecture, Urban Design, Elements of Public Space, Public Space Rescue enriching the general population with these interesting topics.

    Among other activities, performed and produced a documentary "Love Mangle Yaakun AAK Alché", where we describe the characteristics of what a Mangrove, their function and where they are located here in the Yucatan Peninsula; to show the importance in the conservation of this on the Yucatan coast, where he participated in the ecofilm festival 2013 being in the first 40 of 880 exposed.

    He has participated in various biennials and architecture competitions.

    He has published several books and articles in the magazines "main" and "Living". He has been a board member of the journal's Daily Yucatan Living.

    He is a current member of the Association of Architects Yucateco, A.C.

    It is a member of the society of architects landscape architects of Mexico AC.

    He has participated as a speaker at various conferences such as the III and IV Congress of Science and Art of Landscape in Guadalajara and Chapala Year 2013 and 2014.

    He gave a conference on "Sustainability through different creative minds" in Architecture week at the Universidad del Valle de México in September 2014.

    He received the Recognition Business Development this year 2014 for his career in architectural development.

    He participated as a speaker at the IX National Congress of Landscape Architecture in November 2015 in Mexico, D.F. where he gave a lecture on "Trama X'cambó Mangroves in the category of Urban Ecosystems.

    He taught course "Sustainability in Architecture" at the College of Architects Yucatanense A.C.. in March 2016.

    Received the Recognition "Architects and interior designers in favor of equity (ENADII WOMAN)”, Panel Rey gave it S.A and ENADII Mexico. September 2016.

    In October 2017 He participated in the exhibition BOS \ MEX BECAUSE OF WATER | MEX \ BOS WATER BECAUSE OF AN EXHIBIT OF WORK: BAC THE SCHOOL OF ARCHITECTURE AND LANDSCAPE ARCHITECTURE SUSTAINABLE METROPOLITAN CENTER, MEXICO CITY with the theme "New Looks at Sustainable Tourism in the X'cambó Mangrove". Exhibition in Boston, Massachusetts.

    He participated in the VI Symposium on Cultural Heritage in Merida "Culture and Diversity Merida Tradition" with the paper entitled "A New Look at the landscape heritage in Merida, Yucatán "in January 2018.

    Selected on the ranking in residential architecture in the Best Architects 2019, It is considered in the 2019 as one of the best Architects in Residential Architecture nationwide.

    He participated in the Sixth Congress of Science and Art of Landscape 2018 international character in the city of Guadalajara, Jalisco with the paper called "The Invisible World Mangrove".

    Participates as President and is part of the Civil Association "Environmental Projects, Sustainable and Social Yucatan "which is a nonprofit organization and performs the following activities:

    Passionate landscape, bio-climatic sustainable projects and lover of reinvention and continuous learning, He has participated in various Diplomas and Workshops, within which stand:

    • Design Workshop "Sustainable Tourism Development" in the Marist University of Mérida. September 2008.
    • Landscape Architecture Workshop directed by Architect. Mario Lazo Year 2009.
    • WorkShop Landscaping en Boston. September 2012.
    • WorkShop Urban Transformations in Medellin, Colombia. May 2013.
    • Green Roofs Course at the College of Architects of Mexico City, Society of Mexican Architects and Landscape Architects Society of Mexico. January 2014.
    • Organic Farming Course. March 2014.
    • Leed v4 course in April 2016
    • Superior participate in the University Course "Interior Design" in ELLE Decoration + Complutense University of Madrid.
    • I participated in the Sixth Congress of Science and Landscape Art "Landscapes from the inside" on the Mexican Academy of Landscape, A.C. as a speaker with the theme: The invisible world of mangroves and as rapporteur in the subject field: conceptualisation, regulations and management.
    • He has taught teaching subjects such as Landscape Architecture, Bioclimatic architecture and Architecture Workshop at INTER (Inter-University Center) in Merida.
    1. The promotion and dissemination of music, arts, performing arts, dance, Literature, architecture and cinema, under the Act establishing the National Institute of Fine Arts and Literature, as well as the Federal Law on Cinematography.
    1. Carry out public works or services to conduct or be performed by the Federation, Federal Entities or Municipalities, previous collaboration agreement with the same, focused on the following development activities (Rescue public spaces).


By Aida Traconis.

Sustainable dreams

Professionalism and complete commitment to its clients and the environment are the unquestionable values ​​that define the architect- aunt mexican, Aida Traconis, who runs his own office for more than twenty years.
The Master in: "Management and Transformation of the City, the Landscape and the New Sustainable Tourist Territories" by the Metropolitan Center for Sustainable Architecture (CMAS) in Mexico, ensures that from the beginning as a student, his works had the focus of making spaces more comfortable without generating as much electricity consumption.
Throughout his career, the architect has witnessed the transformation that the planet has undergone due to global warming, thus, considers it essential to take advantage of the bioclimatic conditions- cas of the region, This has caused that his designs are harmonious and friendly to nature while remaining contemporary.. "It is necessary to be environmentally responsible, there are materials that help make this a reality, it is essential to link the landscape, since it is where your architectural project is consolidated, with all the elements that surround it to generate a dialogue between your interior and exterior space, if this communion is cared for, the soul of those who inhabit your work is enlarged ”.
The fact of being a woman has not meant any obstacle for the Mexican Aída Traconis, who today has established himself as a leader in bioclimatic architecture, since its trend has marked an innovative style, meaning a precedent in the architectural guild. Its wide portfolio has managed to attract national and international clients, because the architect's work responds to the real needs of each one of those who trust her.
Traconis' environmental and social responsibility transcends its professional area, with the aim of raising awareness about the importance of mangrove conservation, made and produced the documentary “Ama el Mangle Yaakun Áak Álche”, where he describes the characteristics of what a mangrove is, its function and its location in the Yucatan Peninsula.

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